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temarikai TemariKai.com  - what has become the largest collection of information and reference on traditional Japanese Temari. It along with the TalkTemari Yahoo Group and TemariKai Live Ustream Channel serves as a web resource for people from the world over to share information about these traditional embroidered thread balls, a Japanese folk art . Learn the history and heritage, traditions, how to make Temari, find a large Temari pattern index, browse the online albums, find links to other resources and supplies, information about certifying with the Japan Temari Association, and more.
The TemariKai Shop on Cafe Press:  Apparel, gifts and accessories with Temari logos and designs and the annual TemariKai Photo Calendars. Neat perks for Temari crafters -

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TemariKai Shop on Etsy. In addition to prepared mari for Temari making and other Temari supplies, find a changing assortment of completed Japanese Temari, and Temari-inspired gifts

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Puffin Stuff, Inc. is a privately held company devoted to the study and sharing of Japanese Temari through Temarikai.com, as well as general craft sales and marketing. 

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